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What it can feel like?

  • “It feels scary or out of control.”

  • “It feels like I’m never going to be myself again.”

  • “Each day is a hundred hours long. Does every other mother feel joy except me?”

  • “No one gets it”  

  • “I don't think my marriage can survive this.”  

  • “I’m a bad mother.”

  • “It feels like I should never have had this baby.”  

  • “If I slept everything would be better.”

  • “It feels like I have no patience for anything anymore.”

  • “It feels like anger or rage!" 

  • “Maybe I will always feel like this.”

  • "It feels like I'm not bonding with my baby."

3 things to always remember:

1. You are not alone

2. You are not to blame for what you are feeling

3. You are safe and can feel like yourself again with help


More Information about PPD/PPA

Books about Perinatal Mood Disorders

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